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Welcome to Archeon Museum Park

Archeon contains 43 reconstructions of buildings, farms and huts that once stood in the Netherlands and that have been reconstructed according to archaeological excavations. Our Archaeo-interpreters live in these houses and thus show life from prehistory, Roman times and the Middle Ages. In original clothing they tell beautiful stories from history. Discover and experience this journey through time!

Daily program


8800 BC – 12 BC Join us on a journey, very far back in time to the camp of the hunter-gatherers, the first farmers, the Bronze Age and the Iron Age.
  • Become a True Hunter: 10am-2.30pm – Hunter Gatherers (1)
  • Dugout Canoeing: 10am-2.30pm – Hunter Gatherers (1)
  • Boulder Pull: 10am-12pm/12.30pm-2.30pm – Megalithic (5a)
  • Make a fire: 10am-12pm/12.30pm-4.00pm – Iron Age (9)
  • Tour: 3.00pm – Hunter Gatherers (1)

Roman Era

12 BC – 406 AD Visit the Roman border village of Trajectum ad Rhenum, and meet the Romans.
  • Drill with the soldiers: 12pm and 1.30pm – Forum (16)
  • Roman Massage: 10.30am-12pm/12.30pm-2pm – Bathhouse (22)
  • Temple Ceremony: 2pm – Temple (15)
  • Zwammerdam ships: 11am-4pm – Restoration yard (22a)
  • Tour: 3.15pm – Forum (16)

At the Roman Restoration Yard (22a) you can see the restoration of the Zwammerdam 2, which is being restored live here.

Middle Ages

406 AD – 1500 AD In the medieval town of Gravendam you live in the 14th century. The Archaeo-interpreters who live and work in the houses tell you all about the Middle Ages and of course about the many crafts.
  • Archery: 11am-12pm/12.30pm-3.30pm – Archery Range (36)
  • Sword fighting: 11am-12pm/12.30pm-2.00pm – Dam (32)
  • Tour: 3.30pm – at the Armoury (34)

Activity pass

Make your own souvenir!
  • Rock painting: 10am-2.30pm – Farmers (3)
  • Fibula making: 10am-12.00pm/12.30pm-2pm – Bathhouse (22)
  • Making a candle: 10am-12pm/12.30pm-4pm – Beekeeper (28)
  • Felt bracelet: 10am-12pm/12.30pm-4.30pm – Pot Merchant (47)
  • You get the Roman helmet after drilling with the soldiers.

Pancake restaurant ‘The Monastery’ (42)

Roman Inn Buffet restaurant (24)

Tour through prehistoric times & become a true hunter.

Hunters Gatherers (1)

Boulder pull (5a)

Make a fire

Iron Age (9)

Tour through Roman times & drill with the soldiers

Forum (16)

Tour through Middle Ages

Fisherman (27)


Archery range (36)

Sword fighting

Dam (32)


Gladiator Show – 2.30pm Arena (23)


Roman Inn ‘Trajana’ (24) 11am – 5pm.
In the buffet restaurant the Roman Inn: delicious coffee, tea with delicacies, Roman apple pie with honey nut sauce and cream, bread with various fillings, Garrison soup, Italian pizza and more.